I am Kelley Hanna, the founder and owner of Plant Goddess Landscape Design. 

My company’s specialty is transformation….transforming outdoor spaces into

personal havens. Creating a beautiful retreat that you can go to at the end of a

busy day and unwind. A place where you can entertain your family and friends. 

A safe and nurturing place for your children to play and explore. A place where you

can go to pick your herbs and vegetables for dinner and even a bouquet for the table! 

Whatever you desire, I can create it for you! At Plant Goddess, I work with the earth, and respect its resources. 

Living here in Southern California, water management and availability is a major

concern for all of us, and we place a strong emphasis on water conservation in the

landscape. Working with native and drought tolerant plants is my specialty, and a

way I can help you conserve our precious water, while enhancing the beauty of

your home and our community.  I studied landscape design and horticulture at California State University of Pomona,

as well as Mount San Antonio College. After eight years of experience in the field,

I have fine tuned the art of Landscape Design with conservation and catering to my

clients needs. Thanks for visiting my website!